Black Mirror
Black Mirror

After two years long break the Black Mirror marks up his comeback in June 2019, with its fifth season of the series. This time things are not going that much straight as it does for Black Mirror previously. The fact must be noted Black Mirror is a highly popular series for a long time including critics, Yes… They loved that too.

The first and second season of the series was created for Britain’s Channel 4 from 2011 to 2013. In 2015 Netflix signed up the deal and get exclusive rights of the show Black Mirror. Most of expected that show will be going advantage of Netflix adding chaos to the franchise. 

Black Mirror Season 5

Well.. as you know black Mirror season 5 is already released in July 2019 and faced critics harsh opinion. As Keyanan Blos said No doubt Black Mirror ia an amazing show, there is no denying on that. However, disappointed as lack of ambition is clearly visible in the 5th installment of series. 

She added and said If you compare the recent episodes with the previous one they seemed weak or lacked real significance. The show Black Mirror is known for its bold Dark and suspense but the same was missing this time. 

The 5th installment of the series received a rating of 64% that is quite low as compared to 2nd season that is 87%. Mentioned rating is given as per Rotten Tomatoes that makes it credible. 

What’s the Issue in Season 5?

As per me, nothing is that much wrong with the show as being an American production show. The most important thing as it changed the treatment, theme, tone, and visuals of the show. 

The famous show adopted much more Hollywood like style in terms of Topic, treatment almost in overall production.

As the franchise was famous for its raw, realistic and uncut style of episodes. Netflix changed the show a bit in order to make it much more suitable for mobile, tablet streaming. Now the shows are much more sobbing in order to make it more thrilling some misleading information is given that makes it awful.

Black Mirror Season 6?

Fans are seeking Black Mirror Season 6 announcement that means the audience is still crazy for the show. No matter how critics rip up the shows 5th season of the show. Netflix hasn’t announced its plans for the future of the franchise. It is believed that next season will come as last season is already a hit and producer will continue the legacy

As last season was released on a year gap taking that as ideal season 5 was released on June 2019. So Black Mirror Season 6 can be expected in June 2020 that is just one year later of season 5. 

As director of the show clearly mentioned that the show has a wide potential. No matter last season faced criticism at critics point of view but the show has much more to get going and we can do much more different things in the upcoming season. To keep it going a much bigger signal for the possibility of upcoming season.  

Final Words

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