As most of You know that Cameron Boyce of Descendant fame got died almost two months ago. The big concern regarding Disney star legacy that his contribution will get wasted. Getting little help from its Descendant co-stars Sofia Carson, Dove Cameron, China Anne McClain, etc. It is something done by Taylor swift too.

What did they help? If you are thinking this then I must tell you that started a campaign to end Gun Violence at wielding place. A social media campaign on which Cameron already working before his death. It has been started by Cameron Boyce Foundation in collaboration with Refinery 29. The social media campaign is started just after one week of Cameron’s death. Now various celebrities come together to make successful the campaign. It’s not only about celebrities and stardom to make campaign bigger but includes victims of Gun violence or their family members.

Anti Gun Violence Campaign an Introduction

In the campaign, they used a concept throw collection of images on social media. The unique idea was evolved by Cameron itself. If you are thinking about the campaign that how sharing pictures on social media can bring change. 

Actually the pics that are going to distribute on social media are of people in the same action that is needed to shoot. There is no gun used they replaced guns by flowers, props, etc. Indirectly these pics portray a message of peace and unity can be more strength without guns in the society. 

Take the Bid 

Almost every one of us want to create a safe society that is strengthed with unity and peace. For all this, it is much needed to swipe out the gun culture from society completely. How to do that? Or I can contribute to campaign? how I can help to promote a Gun less society. 

First of all, you need to surrender your gun to your local authorities and request to cancel your arms license. Also, if any of your family members has a gun license console him to do the same. As soon he realizes the importance he will too support you and that feeling is great. 

Now coming on the second question yes you can make a contribution in the anti-gun campaign. To start shoot a pic in a position of firing but no gun with flowers, household utensils etc.

Why it is Needed

“When is it get too much of violence? How many lives will it take? Will it take your own or that of one close to you? Together we are stronger and can change the world by standing together. 

Kitchen said in a statement “We’ve created a slogan for which those of us at the Cameron Boyce  ‘Live like Cameron, Love like Cameron, affect like Cameron.’ He was here for a reason and it is our mission to ensure that his legacy is upheld. 

When people stop killing each other we will stand down. Until then we are armed with our weapons of peace and ready for battle. The world is speaking to you with their participation in our campaign, so when is it that you will listen?”

Boyce died in his sleep back in July with the cause of death confirmed as being due to “sudden unexpected death in epilepsy,” a condition that his family noted when initially announcing his death.

Final Words

Its all for today, I hope you like the information and will share it with your friends and family members. We must come together to swipe gun culture from our society to make it clean and peaceful. What you are doing to support Anti-gun culture? Mention it in comment box below. If you have any other questions that you want an answer you can mention that as well. Our team will try their best to provide answer in upcoming blogs.


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