The Matrix
The Matrix

Is it possible that Will smith be featuring in movie The Matrix? 

A fan-made footage is revolving on the internet showing us a world of our dreams. But the changes shown are going to happen really or not? Will discover later in the post.

The footage shows us the world of no rules, controls, borders or boundaries. As you all know in The Matrix world everything is possible as impossible doesn’t exist here. It seems not that much good as this time it shows Will Smith in The Matrix. In all that 90’s look with pencil shade mustache.

Hype Created by Fan-Made Video

The video is seen on a youtube channel named Sham00k as a fan-made video. It shows some of the most memorable scenes from The Matrix. It also features Neo offered the red and blue pill to choose from the hand of resistance leaders. 

Here comes the twist as reply comes from will smith in Keanu Reeves‘ nervous, confused tones and the mind boggles as to what kind of joke Smith would have actually made had he actually taken on the starring role. 

The pills being some kind of hallucinogen perhaps? Or maybe whether they were suppositories? One can’t help but think it would have been the latter and brought the scenes overwhelming intensity to a complete standstill.

Will Smith Suitable for The Matrix?

There are many reasons why The Matrix fans like me are not sure about Will Smith. As if you see smith due to his previous acts done he looks more like a  boy king of stuff. Hardly seems as a matured person which is the main need of role. Also, the hairstyle of Reeves will look amusing on Will Smith that can lead to an awful experience while watching The Matrix.

I know it can be said as dicrimination or biased nature same faced by Kristen Steward. Don’t take it as criticism only a fan talk.

It’s Just Not About Fan Edit Only

As you already know that video was a fan edit but what if I tell you that Will Smith was offered the role of Neo much before than Keanu Reeves. Not only offered Warner Bros Studio’s preferred choice was Smith only. 

Due to some reasons, Will Smith passes on the project and what happened in The Matrix we all know. Earlier this year the actor himself tells about passing in the project due to director stone pitch. It seems good because Reeves look just like the savior of humanity.

Still, Smith admits he more than likely would have ruined what went on to become a sci-fi-action classic, and having now sort of seen him within the world of The Matrix, he is probably right. Sham00k’s Youtube channel is responsible for unleashing this on the world.

Final words

That’s all for today I hope you like the information given and will refer it with your friends and family members. Given information is designed to provide you full information about the fact, also to answer to aked questions. What are you expecting from next part of matrix movie mention it in the comment box below. Also, If you want us to help you with any topic mention it in the comment box. 


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