The way you dress is the way you represent yourself to the world, fashion is a part of our daily life and it changes all the time and fashion always comes back after some decades with some twist from dresses to hairstyles & to makeup. so let’s know about our high-waist jeans.

As we can see that most of the 80s fashion has come back in 2021. Like mom jeans, power suits, neon colors, ripped denim, turtlenecks, & polo shorts.

Mom jeans is a different name of high-waist jeans. In the 80s Americans middle-aged women use to wear them it was one of the most known trends that came back and again became fashionable in the late 2010s & into the 2020s.

mom jeans with loose tshirt

Which Were the Popular Brands for Jeans?

Ladies Levis was the very first brand that invented mom jeans. Some of the brands were popular like Guess, Wrangler for their different styles of jeans. Like acid wash, ripped knees & mom jeans.

High waist jeans gained their importance in May 2003. When the skit was written by Tina fey for the fake brand & used the tagline “This mother’s day don’t give your mom that bottle of perfume, give her something that says I am not a woman anymore I am a mom.”

Every woman styled their pair of high waist jeans in a different way, but mostly women used to wear them with t-shirt, shirts & tops. Then they use to tuck them inside & add styling accessories like belts to complete the whole look.

mom jeans styled with accessories

Designing of the Mom Jeans

The mom jeans were designed in a very different way it was high waist above the tummy button to make sure that buttocks look longer, larger & flatter.

back look of mom jeans

The mom jeans are looser from the upper part & they have too much space on the zipper, crotch & leg areas.

Most people get confused between the mom jeans & boyfriend jeans.  Mom jeans fit baggy over back & on thighs, whereas boyfriend jeans are in the looser style from the crotch area & on the leg area.

How Ripped Jeans Came Into the Trend?

Other jeans known as ripped knees jeans were also in trend. It came in fashion through the movement known as ‘Punk rock’.

Ripped knees jeans were hated by the old ladies, but the young generation never bothered it. Because they wanted to express their way of anger through their torn clothes against the punk rock movement.

As we know clothes are a way of expression without speaking. People used to show their anger by wearing ripped jeans.

Later on, people made it a fashion they use to wear the pair of ripped jeans with loose t-shirts & mostly it was worn by the fashionable women who have the confidence & attitude of fearlessness.

Some of the people use to buy these jeans & some who were creative use to cut their denim at home.

ripped jeans

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best body type that looks good in mom jeans?

It is all on the way you style it, but as it fits baggy all over on the back & thighs it looks good on hourglass body type & their curves get more attention.

Which were the most liked jeans in the 80s?

There were many styles of jeans in the 80s like tight jeans, ripped knee jeans. But most like jeans by the women of the 80s were mom jeans that fit looser on the legs & were high raised.


Everyone want’s to be bold & fashionable. It is important that you should have knowledge of every item you wear we hope you get to know your mom jeans more deeply through our post.

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