The new KUWTK trailer gives a sign of Kim Kardashian having lupus. Yes, it’s horrifying but the latest teaser of the show provides a hint of same. On investigating the matter I found out that Kim believes that lupus hitted her and worry about it. The global star can be seen as having tears in her eyes that can of fear or being emotional. 

It means that KUWTK is going to be much more special as fans are eager to know what happened to their favorite star. If she is infected with lupus than how much time it will take to cure this deadly disease. Well, the internet is on storm right now and this is going to a super tease of KUWTK. 

KUWTK Teases

Kim Kardashian the 38-year-old star believes that she has Lupus. Later she heads towards the doctor to confirm it, the test will confirm whether she is all well or not. Doctor forward Kim for x-ray and other test but no test reports are shown in the trailer of KUWTK. 

In another scene of the trailer, the mom of Kim seen saying “Let’s stay positive until we get some results,”

This means they are waiting for the reports and it is not confirmed yet. 

Health problem stars are getting common why it is happening as recently Brad Pitt also reveled his journey of getting rid from his habit of alcoholism.

Kim Kardashian is already fighting with health issues like psoriasis. It is a very bad condition as skin get rashes all over the body which makes look ugly plus a lot causes irritation. The problems don’t stop here as Jenner is seen with a stretch mark on his neck indication of her health problems. 

“This family will never fall apart,” Jenner says in the very starting of KUWTK trailer, before adding, “for some reason, things are a little bit off.”

Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 17 premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on E!

What is Lupus?

Now you know that your favorite star Kim Kardashian having a possibility of Lupus. Let us discover what is it exactly and what risk can happen to the body with this?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that makes body immunity system hyperactive and starts attacking healthy tissues of body. Some of the symptoms are inflammation, swelling, damage to skin, joints, kidney and other parts of body. 

This is not a rare disease as in United States more than 16,000 cases are detected with lupus each year. A study by lupus Foundation Reveals that lupus are seen to affect women more than men.

Final words

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