The Walking Dead Season 10
The Walking Dead Season 10

Finally, AMC has released one of the most anticipated trailers of the walking dead season 10. Everyone expected the trailer to blow their mind but in the end, AMC came up with a trailer that’s unbearable to watch & gives a headache.

At the time of the launch, I was very much excited for the trailer, but all my excitement is ruined because of the cheesy trailer. Now, when it comes down to this, here I will provide all the information related to the upcoming season of the walking dead & my review of The walking dead season 10 trailer.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Release Date

After wrapping the walking dead season 9 in March 2019, all eyes are on season 10 of the show. The walking dead season 10 will premier on Sunday, October 6 & the UK viewers will be able to watch the show very next day on OCT. 7. The US telecast will go live on AMC whereas UK users can watch season 10 on Fox UK.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Trailer

Here is the short trailer of The Walking Dead Season 10:

In just a 1+ minute promo, AMC had the chance to shock the fans, but they missed the chance by the long mark. In fact, all it did was reminded us what Alpha & her band did in the previous season.

Although, I didn’t wanted to compare but after watching the trailer I can’t stop myself from comparing the trailer with the Comic-Con trailer of season 10. You can watch the comic-con trailer from here.

After watching the comic-con trailer, do let me know your opinion in the comments section given below.

At the end of the new promo, there is a line, “We’ll silence the Whisperers😒”. Well, this is lame. How can the writes write these lines when Whisperers are already pretty silent. Aren’t they? In fact, that’s what they do.

In case, you don’t know about the whisperers then let me tell you about them. Well, whisperer is a mysterious group of survivors who hides themselves zombie hides & whisper to one another. In other words, you can refer them as silent characters of the show.

How Will be The Walking Dead Season 10?

In most parts of the post, I told you how much I hated the latest trailer. But….stop right there. I never said, season 10 will be similar to Fear the Walking Dead, which was simply just pathetic.

I still have high hopes from, as I believe she can do some justice with the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. Besides, The Walking Dead Season 9 had was in fact pretty good except a few bad moments here & there. Although, the golden days of The Walking Dead are left behind us but at least the show is not messed up similar to the way Scott Gimple left the show after The Walking Dead Seasons 7.

Frequently Asked Questions | The Walking Dead Season 10

Q- When the Walking Dead Season 10 will release?

A- The Walking Dead Season 10 will release on Oct. 6 in the USA & one day later in the UK.

Q- Who will die at the end of The Walking Dead Season 10?

A- It’s confirmed that season 10 will be the last one for Danai Gurira aka Michonne. So, you can expect AMC to give her a proper sendoff.

Q- Is Rick coming to the Walking Dead Season 10?

A- Yes, indeed, if a post on is true then, soon we will see the most beloved character of the show.

Final Words

That’s all for now. I will end the post with the hope that we will get to see a far better season of The Walking Dead. & not anywhere near the latest trailer of The Walking Dead. What do you think about how season 10 will be? Do let me know your opinion about the show in the comments section.


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