grooming tips for men

There are some men, less evolved than you, who still believe skincare is for women and men are meant to… I don’t know, scrub their faces with pumice stone plucked straight from a volcano or something. Not only does that sound painful, and dangerous, it’s wrong. So wrong. Your skin deserves just as much TLC as your girlfriend’s, and you don’t have to steal her products in order to do it. Stock your medicine cabinet with these men’s grooming brands you’re guaranteed to love.

Hunter Lab

hunterThose less evolved men we were just talking about? Hunter Lab was designed for them. The brand was born out of “a frustration with the current uninspired, chemical-intensive, repackaged-feminine products which pervade today’s male skincare market.” Instead, Hunter Lab provides an effortless, effective, and undeniably masculine grooming experience with natural extracts, vitamins and oils. All Hunter Lab products are free from non-natural nasties – including phthalates, sulfates, synthetic colours and preservatives – and are made right here in Melbourne.

Tom Daxon

tom-daxonThink of those Hollywood legacy families. Now imagine the fragrance equivalent. That’s Tom Daxon. Tom Daxon Bowers was born to the creative director for Moulton Brown and spent his childhood in the perfume lab. It was there, at the age of four, that he met the man who currently brings his ideas for the Tom Daxon brand to life. The formulation for a fragrance can take anywhere from months to years, the cost is not a factor and outside opinions are never consulted. No focus groups or marketing plans – just whatever suits the big boss’ personal taste.

Brooklyn Grooming

brooklyn-groomingBrooklyn has built an impressive reputation as the hub of everything hip and happening in New York City. Everyone is looking to get in on a bit of Brooklyn’s cool, including the grooming industry. Brooklyn Grooming claims to be the NYC borough’s “first and finest men’s grooming line,” though it was founded by two friends who met in Los Angeles. Today the company calls the Brooklyn Navy Yard home and turns out products made from organic vegetable butter, beeswax, herbs, and essential oils, in classic packaging with a vintage apothecary aesthetic.

Pankhurst London

pankhurstShould you be lucky enough to visit the Pankhurst London shop in its native city, you’ll be greeted by a discerning clientele, Bentley-designed barbers chairs and a Johnny Walker whiskey lounge. But even if you can’t, you can still get a hold of the brand’s award-winning line of grooming products. The collection includes shaving gear, shampoo, conditioner, pomade, aftershave and more, all in sleek black packaging that will look sophisticated on your shelf.

Triumph & Disaster

triump-disasterThe road to Triumph & Disaster was a strange one. Founder Dion Nash began his professional career as a member of the New Zealand cricket team. Following his retirement, he became marketing director at a vodka company. Then, in April 2011, he struck out on his own to launch a men’s grooming range named after a Rudyard Kipling poem. Triumph & Disaster’s philosophy is to use elements of science combined with elements of nature to produce products that are naturally derived, scientifically engineered and the best of both worlds


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