Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa

Your beloved Aqua men fame Jason Momoa will be seen in Fantasy space very soon. The recent event of Apple in Cupertino Calif witnesses first view of Game of Thrones category show. If you are thinking on Apple event how is it possible to see view of entertainment show?

Than you must be aware that Apple is going to start his own entertainment service. It is not going to be any other entertainment service as Apple will broadcast movie and shows developed from their production only. The teaser featuring Jason Momoa was an upcoming flick of Apple entertainment service named as Apple TV Plus. You can expect wonderful shows like Sister wives as well.

About Jason Momoa Show

As you already know show will be of same category of which game of thrones was. It will a eight episode long show the show portrays a story of a virus that killed a most human being and the those who are alive has lost their vision. Yeah you got it right their eye sight no one can see.

Now, the whole world is either dead or blind sounds quite unique. It brings the enthusiasm as well due to freshness of concept. Imagine a place where entire humanity lost one sense that is vision how challenging the condition can be?

If you want to survive you have to develop an alternate method that will make it you live life in a better way. Hunger games director Francis Lawrence, Steven Right comes together to bring this fantasy show. Another surprise Alfre Woodard playing opposite Jason Momoa making it a complete package.

It can be said debut Tv Series of Apple that comes with orginal content seems promising in their first looks. If you are too eager to know when it is coming than I must inform you that series will be available on the launch of Apple Tv Plus service on November1. Aslo it will sot $4.99 per month. Check the teaser below.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus will be launched on November 1 at a subscription of $4.99 per month only. If you buy a new Apple gadget than a you  are entitled to get a year free of Apples new entertainment service. Today in an event apple teased their first show featuring aqua men fame Jason Momoa.

Today no one have a clue that apple will unveil anything like that as all of us are expecting iPhone 11 in today’s event. A seven days free trial is also given to try the service in order to take a subscription of service.

It is also conformed that on the launch of entertainment service total 9 shows will be available on the platform. Cook also quoted that you can see all these amazing shows at a cost lower than a movie ticket “This is Crazy”.

If you don’t use iPhone no need to disappoint as the service will be available on other devices too. The app will be available on Samsung smart tv, Roku, Amazon fire stick, Sony, LG etc. The shows will start with three episodes and after it one episode will be broadcasted weekly.  It seems that this time Apple has big plans as it eyes bigger population for sales.

Final Words

Thats all for today, I hope you like the information shared and will refer it with your friends and family members.  It seems great that Apple is now working for larger market, it will also increase the competition on entertainment sector. As day by day new entertainment platforms are coming up. If you want us to talk on a topic of your choice mention it in the comment box. Our team will try their best to answer that in our upcoming blogs.


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