Ariana grande
Ariana grande

If you are shocked that how can  a fashion diva like Ariana Grande wear socks on crocs? Well I must tell you that no one caught her doing this and it is not a mistake. She did this desperately and posted the pic on Instagram.

Its true that crocs are considered as not suitable for paring it up with any kind of fashion outfit and pairing it wearing socks with it a horrible thing. Even most of us can’t bear its hole surface but this time Ariana Grande has taken up the challenge.

Ariana Grand Dare to Pick

Yes, fans like me feels that she dare to pick crocks and socks together, we’re actually feeling this is a look. Or should you can say Ariana Special Style. Yup,  no need to say Thank you, As even rap singer don’t wear cool stuffs like this.

I am not ashamed to admit, that one more time Ariana Grande teased fans with a cute snap on Instagram on Tuesday that saw her put together a cool over-sized jumper with her white crocs, while adding some white socks to boot.

Along with a Louis Vuittion bag that she hang across her shoulders along with signature pony tail. She looks dam hot than ever another thing to be noted that pic came at a time when plenty of speculation are done for her love life. Many rumors said that she is dating social house artist Mikey foster.

Feeling Confused

Its obvious to be confused about Ariana grand love life because if you reject all rumours than things we see are showing that too. It is clearly seen that Ariana and Mikey are more than friends recently both of them seen sharing a sensous kiss in a song video.

After listening to Miley’s new song I wanted to experience a happy love life and wish all the best for Ariana Grande.

There are some reports that say both of them are spending plenty of time together and spotted at random places. As you all know that Mikey is a part of social house and currently group is playing for Arianas Sweetening tour.

Ariana grande
Ariana grande

Apologies by Ariana Grande

Yes after messing it up at stage she has no option left than cancelling the meet and greet session with fans at Belgium. It is said she cancelled it due to panick attack later on she apologies too.

She apologised to fans via Instagram and said: ‘My anxiety and depression have been at an all time high lately. i have been giving you all i  got and trying to push through as hard as i can and mask it. ‘After a handful of panic attacks, i feel like the wisest decision would be to not do sound check party or m&g today and preserve my energy for the show.’ The rest of September will see Ariana move towards Birmingham, Glasgow, Sheffield, Dubin and Hamburg.

Final words

Thats all for today, I hope you like the information shared here and will refer it with your friends and family members. What you feel about panic attacks of ariana mention it in the comment box below. Also if you want us to write on topic of your choice write it down. Our team will try their best to answer that in our upcoming blogs.


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