The 1980s was probably the decade of thoughtless style, colors & radio tunes to hair colors, silhouettes. Everything in the 80s was loud from radio tunes to hair colors.

80s styling had an attitude of “anything goes.” Rubber bracelets, fingerless gloves, oversized earrings were requisite.

Some fashion designers tried to design the future & their creations were interesting.

What Were the Popular Clothes Worn in the 80s?

Mom jeans, leg warmers, ripped denim, spandex & Lycra, acid wash jeans, statement shoulder business suits were included in the women’s hottest fashion.

For men, oxford shirts, as well as polo shorts & turtlenecks, striped linen suits & corduroy.

For both men & women waistline was a little high.

Who Were the Fashion Influencers of the 1980s?

There were many fashion designers & clothing brands in the 80s, but some will always be remembered for their uniqueness.

Reebok, Nike & Adidas Sportswear

As fitness became important for people so sportswear by these brands became popular for streetwear. Dressing like a tennis player was the best thing to do.

80s fashion reebok

Swatch Watches

These watches are made of durable plastics, they were presented as low-cost watches. Kids use to have these inexpensive watches made with bright colors & patterns.

80s fashion watch

Guess, Wrangler

These brands were popular for their jeanswear whether your style is mom jeans, skinny, acid wash, or ripped. Styling these jeans in different ways was the best thing done by both men & women.

GUESS 80S fashion denim


A pair of sunglasses was an important accessory for the 80s trend. So ray-ban was popular for their wayfarer.

80s fashion sunglasses

80s Fashion Trends

The humans of the ’80s never did anything boring. They were praised for their creativity.

Big Hair

It is a hairstyle famous for large volumes or largely styled hair. The hairstyle of people was just big like big bangs, big curls. They set their hair in waves or curls & then treat it with chemicals so that the style lasts for several months.

hair trend in 80s fashion

High-Waisted Jeans

Some people didn’t like belly buttons so the high-waisted jeans were in. To keep them in fashion & their pants up without belts. These jeans made everything easy & fashionable now people used to wear cropped tops by not showing their belly buttons.

jeans in 80s fashion

Neon Colors

As the humans of the ’80s were just opposite to the boring & they keep everything loud neon color was their type.

neon in 80s fashion

Ripped Knees

Grandma hated it! When folks used to wear leggings. They used to wear ripped knees jeans whether they bought them or use to cut them out at home

80s fashion ripped denims

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers were invented to keep the lower leg warm during cold weather. They look like socks but are thicker than socks & are footless. But the ladies brought leg warmer in trend by wearing them with every skirt outfit.

80s fashion leg warmers

Lacy Shirts

Shirts were their favorite & on frills, they used to be obsessed. T-shirts? Let’s put some frills on it. Bed gowns? Oh, that needs some frill. Let the prince check out what frills were all about.

lacy shirts in 80s fashion

They didn’t end their fashion techniques. Then they brought their workout clothes in fashion like sports bra, jumpers & trainers.

Fashion Accessories

Clothes play an important role in your looks but accessorizing your outfits can change the whole game by making you look more interesting & express your uniqueness. Accessories make everything better, 80s Fashion was big on accessories.

There was a different type of swanky accessories like

Rubber Bracelets

Madonna was so cool she influenced people that wearing rubber bracelets of different colors on one upon the other was fashionable & it became the favorite accessories of high school students.

Banana Clips

One of the popular hair accessories of the 1980s was a banana clip. It was slightly shaped as banana, at that time hair was so big & textured & women wore banana clips to hold their ponytails.

Finger Gloves

These gloves were made famous by Madonna & were available in many colors & cuts. Some used to cover the entire forearm & others were simply to the wrist.


Though the sock is not a styling accessory but, back in the 80s women used to wear one sock over the other of different colors & used to make a style statement.

80s Trend That Came Back in 2021

What goes around comes back around in the fashion. fashion styles that were famous 20 years ago have come back with some changes.

People who do research say that this is because of generation changes & fashion designers take inspiration from what their parents use to wear.

Some of the 80s trends have come back in 2021 like mom’s jeans, neon colors, power dressing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hair do people use to love in the 80s?

Big hair was the most loved hairstyle people use to do in the 80s whatever they use to do they do it big like big bangs, big waves & big curls.

Which colors got the most love in the 80s?

The most loved colors were black, white, burgundy & different shades of browns, tans, and oranges.


So we got to learn about 80s fashion & the trends that have come back in 2021. We hope now you got more confidence in dressing & experimenting with your clothes.

Hope you find our post helpful:) we will give our best to give more knowledge about fashion so don’t forget us & visit our site for more interesting things about fashion.




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