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tee: DIY
trousers: American apparel
wedges: H&M
necklace: regal rose*
Today is going to be my first post about the Galaxy Essential Upgrades Campaign! A brief reminder of the idea of the upgrade is essentially little things to make your life a little bit more special. I’ll be focusing on posts to do with upgrading your life, wardrobe and makeup bag. Things like D.I.Y’s must-have products to add to your makeup collection, tutorials, short guides on making the most of the clothes already have and loads more.
For my first post, I have decided to try a DIY clothing upgrade post on how to dip dye a basic plain white t-shirt. I seriously love the faded effect on clothing and already own a T-shirt similar to the one I’ve DIY’ed that was about ten times the price. Dip Dye clothing has been super hot over the spring and continues into the summer season. This method is super cheap, and an incredibly easy way to upgrade a key article of clothing with an on-trend ombre effect. Once you’ve mastered the dip dye method you can use the technique for various other clothing items from dresses to leggings! The DIY is under the cut!

how to dip dye ombre tee tshirt clothing diy

For the DIY Ombre Upgrade you will need:
 The item you want to dip dye
 Rubber Gloves
 Large bowl (I used a washing up bowl)
 Packet of dye (I’ve used Dylon in Antique Grey)
 Hot water

For the purpose of the post, I’m using a Men’s medium-sized basic white T-shirt from Primark. I like using oversized white men’s T-shirts for customisation as I prefer the slouchier fit! I’m also using Dylon Fabric Dye for Hand Use as this is more appropriate for smaller items. Dylon comes in tons and tons of colors so you can go as crazy as you like picking colors! You can pick these up from craft stores or online, but I got mine from Wilkinsons for around £3. Make sure you protect your surfaces as well as wearing rubber gloves at all times, especially when you are mixing the colors and submerging the item! You don’t want to dip dye your arms!

how to dip dye ombre tee tshirt clothing diy

1. Take you a packet of dye and split the contents into three containers you can do this by eye as it doesn’t need to be accurate. We are going to make the dye less concentrated on the first dip and then add more colour towards the bottom of the item. This will make the dip dye ombre effect.

how to dip dye ombre tee tshirt clothing diy
how to dip dye ombre tshirt clothing diy

2. Fill your large bowl with the amount of water it recommends on the packet, This will vary depending on the dye you use. Add the of salt you need as stated on the packet and stir with a stick or a spoon. Then add one of the containers of dry dye mixture to the water and stir.

3. Soak the product you are going to upgrade in cold water and wring it out so the item is damp but not dripping. This will help the dye take to the fabric.

how to dip dye ombre tshirt tee clothing diy

4. Now submerge about 2/3 of the item into the dye. It is crucial you keep the parts you want to stay the original colour well away from the dyed water! I’d suggest putting the item on a clothing hanger because it makes it easier to hold on to and not get colour on. Hold the item for a few minutes so the dye can take to the fabric.

how to dip dye ombre tshirt tee clothing diy

5. Remove the item from the bowl and add the second container of dye and mix. Then make your second dip but this time dip in 2/3 of the dyed area. Again leave for a few minutes for the dye to take.

6. Repeat step 5 with the last container of dye. This is going to be the part with the most concentrated amount of dye and will come out the darkest so I suggest only dipping the last few inches.

7. Remove your item from the bowl and rinse thoroughly in cold water, try to keep the colour running away from the lightest area of the item as the dye can run into it on this step. Make sure you get all the dye out and then wash and dry the item as usual.

And you’re done! It’s a super straightforward, easy upgrade to basic clothing or an awesome way to refresh items you already own!


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