Women’s real happiness is in their shoes. A new pair of shoes always bring a smile to women’s faces. Fashionable women always invest in a good pair of shoes & can rule the world with their footwear. Perfect pair of shoes always brings a change in your body language.

As all the women are fond of Cinderella so all of us know how a new pair of footwear can change the game of our life. Every woman has a dream of having a room full of different types of footwear. Shoes are part of the most important fashion accessories. They speak a lot about our outfits & keep our feet safe.

Different Types of Flat Shoes

Flip Flop

They are casual footwear which is very light in weight. Flip flops are used in daily routine, easy to wear, and are very relaxing. They are every women’s favorite summer shoes. Flip flops make you so relax that your feet feel like they are on vacation. Flip flops are also known as women’s best friends.

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Mules are the shoes with no back & whose trend is coming from the ancient time with a little twist in it earlier people used to wear them only in houses but now they are designed so beautifully that you can style them with any of your outfits like jeans & suits.

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Ballerina was invented in the 1980s fashion especially for the people who use to do ballet dancing. These shoes were so lightweight & give a very cute look, as people of the 1980s were fond of doing experiments in fashion these shoes become very trendy & every woman of 1980s use to have these shoes they mostly used to wear them with their miniskirts.

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Moccasins are a type of footwear which you can wear with your both outfits whether you are dressed up casually or formally. These are designed without heels & the material used in them is very soft leather which is very good & comfortable for your feet.

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Gumshoes were earlier worn at the time when people use to detect that is why they are also known as detective shoes. These are made up of a very soft rubber sole which makes no sound, but now women wear them in a more fancy way.

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These shoes were invented for the people who started playing outdoor games & people who got fitness freak. Trainers have a very fine grip which is very helpful at the time of games. But with the change in time as people got the knowledge of fashion they started doing experiments now, it is so common that people wear them in daily routine to give themselves a sporty & comfortable look.

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Different Type of Heel Shoes

Kitten Heel Shoes

The invention of these heels was done basically for the teenage girls because they were too young to be comfortable in stilettos. Audrey Hepburn known as the fashion diva made these heels so popularized at that time. Till now these heels are in very much trend worn for formal meetings.

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Platform Heel Shoes

In ancient times platform, heels were invented to keep the feet away from getting wet these heels have thick soles. Earlier these heels were popular among both men & women, but now these are only worn by women to give themselves a bigger & comfortable look.

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Stiletto Heel Shoes

This footwear has a very long thin heel which is not easy for everyone to carry. But once you are able to carry them they are very stylish & give you an amazing hot look you can style your stilettos with your mini dress, jeans, sari & suits.

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Pump Heel Shoes

Pump heels are also known as court shoes designed with a low-cut front mostly having a buckle or bow on them. These have a little square on the heel side raised from the back. These heels are made up of mostly using leather material.

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Different Type of Boot Shoes

Ankle Boot Shoes

These are the type of footwear which are mostly worn In the winters by both men & women. These boots cover your feet & ankle. People mostly style their ankle boots with jeans. But experimenting with them with dresses never goes wrong.

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Knee Boot Shoes

Knee boots cover the part of your leg till knees. The leather material is mostly used to make these boots. You have so many choices to style them with your dresses, jeans & miniskirts. These boots are very helpful to protect our legs from cold weather with the most stylish looks.

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Thigh-high Boot Shoes

Thigh-high boots are also known as knee boots. These boots are made up of very heavy leather which also gives you a very classy look. Thigh-high boots can be worn every day in winters they simply change your outfit looks from simple to classy outfits.

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For every woman, new shoes are always a good idea. we hope that our post gives you different options to choose your footwear wisely. Let us know how you styled your footwear in a different way in the comment box. Don’t forget us & visit our site agmagazine.info for more fashion content.


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