Issa Vega
Issa Vega

Issa Vega the fitness model knows how to engage her fans by providing mild sexual excitements. She does the same by posting her sizzling sexy pics on Instagram, Yeah If you haven’t seen must check it now. The page is full of Jaw drooping snaps, most of them are good enough to excite you. 

Most pics of Issa Vega are so professional seems like given from photo-sharing website. Her fans always appreciate her pics most of them show her flaunting skin. Just like most of her pics, the recently shared pic became an instant hit among fans.

Issa Vega Flaunts Again

In the latest pic, Issa Vega is seen clicking her pic in front of a mirror wearing a black bikini. She looks true beauty in a tiny black bikini as it allows her to show a good view of bouncing breast, flat stomach along with jaw-dropping smooth thighs on full display. Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter lovemaking pics stand nowhere in front of these.

Issa Vega’s face is not visible she held up mobile ti click the selfie but still, it shows most of that everyone wanted to see. To add the freshness she painted her nails with pink, As most of the boys believe if it’s not pink it’s not fresh.

It’s not been 24 hrs of posting the pic and it already got 135,000 likes that show her people are crazy and want to see her skin show again and again. The comment section of Issa Vega page is more like an explicit area as fan share their admiration for her figure.


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Metiendo panza a todo lo que da . 😂💩

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Fans Admiration

Issa Vega is not just famous in Argentina but also holds fans from various countries around the globe. If you don’t believe look at her comment box where you can see comments in different languages. 

Yeah… it’s obvious that most of them are in Spanish language due to majority of Argentinian fans but many of them are in other languages as well. You can simply check comments on her post written in Russian, English, Arabic even in Hindi as well. These comments depict her global popularity.

Some of highlighted comments are as follows: 

“You are so hot my phone is melting” , “Damm, you are delicious”, “This time again you make me melt” Apart from these a fan comment shows how much he adores her. He writes that “So, hot and beautiful. Let me take you out please!”

Fans showed their love by praising her body by using words like “goddess”, “amazing body”, “wonderful”, “hottest Model on Instagram” etc.

Eye Candy

Issa Vega loves to post great pics majority of them involve providing eye candy to her fans. You can cross-check the fact by checking her Insta page. I love one pic from her Insta page, In which she posses cutely wearing  Daisy dukes paired along Dallas Cowboys jersey. 

She supports Dallas who also holds the trophy by winning the season against New York Giants. Within four hours of posting the pic got 70,000 likes and 800 comments. All these are enough to show the popularity of model on the Internet. 

As per a celebrity profile sharing platform Famous Birthday. The model is born and brought up in Argentina Right now she is 22 years old. Besides being a model she is also a social media influencer and fitness trainer as well.  

Final words

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