Having good hair is what makes you look fashionable & confident. It is like a crown that one never takes off. It is always good to change with time & one should try a different hairstyle. Like 1980s hairstyle.

People of the 1980s were so fashionable & have the confidence to change they always did some new experiments with their hair. They never did anything which makes them look boring.

The 1980s hairstyle used to be done with so many different things like chemicals, hairstyling tools to set their hair & give themselves different looks for different occasions.

At the time of the 80s, there were so many different hairstyles for both men & women. Hairstyles like mullets, tail Mohawk, Jheri curls, flattops & hi-top fades were popular among men & for women hairstyles like large hairdos, puffed-up styles, permanent waves, and softer cuts gained popularity.

Popular Hairstyles for Men’s in the 1980s

In the 1980s not only women used to do fashion, but men were also fashionable they were also famous for their clothes & hairstyles. There were many different hairstyles that were popular in the time of 1980s.


Mullets were mostly famous among the rock stars. It was a kind of hairstyle in which front hairs used to be shorter & are longer at the back. After some time this hairstyle became a theme in the movies


Like fashion hairstyles also came back in the 2020s with some twists in them. Like the mullets came back with a modern twist & it became popular with the help of LGBTQ & celebrities like Miley Cyrus.


Mohawk is also known as the name Mohican. It is a hairstyle in which sides are shaved off & the center part is left with long straight hair. Most people use to color their center hair in different colors so that they are noticeable.

mullets hairstyle

Jheri Curl

Jheri curl is mostly pronounced as jerry curl or Jeri curl this hairstyle was invented by the hairdresser Jheri Redding.  This hairstyle use to give a glossy loose curl look & was famous among African Americans. To do these types of curls people used cream to make them soft & solutions were used to set the curls.

jheri curls of 80s

Hi-top fade

A hi-top fade is also known as a crew cut hairstyle. In this sides of the hair are cut off or were very short while the hair on the top was long and was in a trend of hip hop & urban contemporary music.

Hi-top hairstyle

Popular Hairstyles for Women in the 1980s

As the 1980s is popular for do everything loud & bigger from their tunes to their makeup & to their hairstyles.

Big Hair

Women of the 1980s use to keep their hair very big & with heavy volume that used to occupy a lot of space above & around the head. This hairstyle came in trend when people were becoming more fashionable & confident. To set their big hair in the right way they used so many chemicals, styling equipment & accessories.


Crimped Hair

Crimping was done with a styling tool & by doing too many braids it was done on straight hair to make them look a little wavy. This hairstyle was famous also fashionable, it gained its importance through a fashion show.

crimped hairstyle

Hair Colors

Young women & men’s use to dye their hair in different colors like rich burgundy & red plum came in popularity through actress Molly Ringwald & nontraditional hair colors like bright blue, green & shocking pink gained importance from th0e punk subculture.

Chemicals & Styling Tools

The 1980s hairstyles were set with so many types of hair chemicals people used to set their hair properly.  Creams were used to make the curls look soft, solutions were used to set the curls in a proper place, the mousse was used to give the hair a shiny look and glittery look.

Styling tools like pressing machines, curling machines, crimping machines used to contain heat that help to do the hair in different curls sometimes used to do the hair straight & then by doing crimping on it to make them wavy look.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What were the hair accessories used by the people of the 80s?

There were different types of accessories but the most used were scrunchies that were used for ponytails. Banana clips to give ponytail a framed look & headbands for loose hairs.

Which 80s hairstyle has come back?

80s hairstyles that have come back with some twists are big bangs, curls, & loose waves & different hair colors.


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