The origin of the leg warmers was done to keep the lower legs warm in cold weather. It is similar to socks but is thicker than socks & is footless. They are basically starting from the ankle to just below the knee.

In the 80s they were mostly worn by the dancers to prevent their legs from getting cramps & other muscle injuries. Dancers who use to wear them simply in one leg were facing the injury in that leg.

style your leg warmers

After some time it gains its popularity in all the outdoor activities from the actress Jane Fonda who started her new career in fitness, she encouraged people to wear leg warmers in outdoor activities like cycling, soccer & hockey.

In the early 1980s, leg warmers came into fashion young women started wearing them for a daytime look with their miniskirts, after some time they came in neon colors. The look was very simple & fashionable girls used to wear turtleneck tops & cute miniskirts & completing their look with leg warmers.

Later on, boys also started wearing leg warmers with their shorts & sneakers to give themselves cooler look. They also used to wear in their outdoor activities to keep their leg muscles safe.

Style Your Leg Warmers in the 2020s

As the history always repeat in-fashion leg warmers trend have also come back in the 2020s

High Heels

As we know that heels make us look taller they are designed in a very different way the heel is comparably higher off the ground than the toe. There are different verities of heels some are high some are a little short & it comes in many colors. Styling leg warmers with them give us hotter look.

high heels leg warmer


Sneakers give us a cooler & cute look. We can wear t-shirt shorts leg warmers & sneakers simply we will be ready for our cute & simple streetwear, these styling accessories completely change our look.

style leg warmer with sneakers

Ballet Shoes

Earlier ballet shoes were only worn by dancers it is made up of very soft leather. But then they came into fashion not only for dancers but every girl used to own these shoes. You can simply style leg warmers with your miniskirts & ballet shoes.

leg warmers with ballet shoes

Frequently Asked Questions?

What were the popular colors of leg warmers in the 1980s?

When they were invented were just in simple colors like black grey, and when dancers & young girls started wearing them as a style statement they came in many colors & later on it also came In neon colors.

What was the main purpose behind the invention of the leg warmers?

The main purpose of the invention was to keep the legs lower part warm in cold weather & then dancers started to wear them to show the injury on their legs & prevent their lower leg from cramps.


Hope our post helped you to know more about leg warmers & the way you can style yours, try to go out of the box and style them in the very best way and share with your friends and family let’s make everyone fashionable.

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