Don't Miss these 6 Features of :- Metal Madness
Don't Miss these 6 Features of :- Metal Madness

One friend of mine was very fond of playing shooter games but he also wanted sports cars, war machines, huge number of weapons in one game and he was disappointed not to get high end experience with all these features in one game. 

When I got to know this, it sounded bitter so I started searching for such kinds of games and I finally searched for a game with all these features.

Then I shared the game with him and you won’t believe he was glad to play that game.

So, I thought I should share this game with you so that if you are looking for that feature then this article will definitely work for you.

So, Let’s get started: –

The game is: –

                    METAL MADNESS PvP: Car Shooter and Twisted Action                          

Metal Madness is a new car PvP shooter game created by GD company, last updated on 31 Jan 2020 with lots of new add on.

Being a shooter game, it is a full package of Guns, action, sniping, shooting, crossfire, war, brawls and royal battles. These are the reasons which make this game liked by my friend.

If you like shooter games then you should give it a try. 

Metal madness as the name suggests will fully enroll you in the game with mad shooting and you will definitely like it with when you play in squads. Game is loaded with rockets and sniper rifles, flamethrowers, thrusters and with different types of 16 cars that you can choose according to your interest.

Now, you can blast, crash, explode and shoot your enemies with great fun. It’s a free PvP game so start enjoying your shooter game in 3D graphics and visuals.

Key Features of Metal Madness: –

These are the key features which makes this game most liked by my friend. 

Let’s dive into it: –

  • Variety of Weapons:

    Don't Miss these 6 Features of :- Metal Madness
    Don’t Miss these 6 Features of :- Metal Madness

When we think about weapons then the first thought is in mind is –

Are they military weapons? 

Yes, the game has military weapons.

Metal madness military weapons include rocket launchers, flamethrower, plasma gun, railgun, machine guns, shotgun and sniper rifles to give you a battlefield experience. 

These weapons  will enhance your action in this shooter game and it will help you to execute your strategies effectively to win the game. 

  • Loads of Crazy Car: –

To make use of weapons skillfully, Metal madness ensures you 16 unique cars which includes sport cars, SUVs, muscles, trucks, war machines and other mech monsters. 

Combinations of both will blow up into an inevitable adventure.

So, are you ready for a crazy car experience? 

Share your views in the comment section.

  •  Best Online PvP: –

Metal madness is an advanced mode of PvP in which you will require real skills and tactics to kill the opponent. 

You can invite your friends and then you can play in squads with friends.It’s really lots of fun with friends – weapons on your unique car, gasoline, fire and rockets.

  • Fierce Modes:

If you are a snipper then you definitely like this feature because playing in a different mode helps you in becoming the best shooter.

  •  3D Graphics and Visuals: –

If you had played many games then you might feel that some games have high resolution and some haven’t, it is just because of high graphics quality.Metal madness has high quality graphics which will increase your gaming experience.You can automatically adjust the graphic set if you think that your device is weak. So, rejoice in yourself by playing on any device.

  • Multiplayer games and Quest in the Game:

You can’t only play games with your friends but you can play this game with players from different countries like USA, China, Brazil, Russia, Japan and others as well.To enlarge your knowledge, game has quest every few hours which you can play and win.

What’s your opinion about-

  •     Metal Madness should contain these quest or not?
  •     Are these quest hindering you in playing game? ……….Let me know your views.

This is an overview of the Metal Madness game and these are the features that are liked by friend the most.

So, start playing and enjoy your game.Share your experience with me and let me know if you like this game or not.If you want to know more about this game or any other game let me know in the comment section.

And you want to know more about these kinds of games you can visit here


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