Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

Fans are in shock after getting the news of break up of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. As no one is expected this from the lovely couple. This is not going to end with this only as another shock given to fans by jumping in a new relationship. 

However, that is what Cyrus did with Kaitlynn Carter. If you guys are thinking that this time Cyrus got the thing she wanted in her man. Then I must tell you that answer is more complex than you can imagine.  

Miley Cyrus will Go How Long This Time?

Yup this question is obvious as last month everyone has seen Miley Cyrus all over with his girlfriend. Yes both of them enjoyed a vacation together in Italy, There are several footages on the internet seeing both of them kissing, groping. All these acts indicate both of them basically having sex on that vacation.

After vacations, things are going as a normal couple. Both of them sent a birthday gift to Carter’s ex do you know what was the gift A basket full of weed. Even carter has seen doing lunch with Miley Cyrus Mom that means they are understanding each other family as well. 

One more thing to be noted is every time when we see both of them together they seem happy. You can too witness the same as enough pics are available on the internet. 

Will, They Moved in Together?

If you are thinking this too, then according to the reports. It seems like they have already moved in. A trysted source revealed it on people: “They live together and are very happy. Miley Cyrus is doing great. She is moving on. She seems to have no regrets. She loves being with Kaitlynn.”

They have done dinner with mom second time that too in a month. During their Dinner, both of them are seen arms carseeing each other and smiling. The couple also photographed while walking outside the new york city night club holding each other’s hand. 

Is it the Right Time To Start New?

Most of us are thinking about this due to Miley Cyrus, quick breakup and surprisingly knotting ties with a new partner. As its quite uncommon to start a relationship just after breaking up with current partner. No, I am not saying this as I feel but a study conducted by Emory University also mentions same.

When I talked to a psychiatrist he supports what Miley is doing right now. The reason he suggested is After facing a breakup, our brains crave the feelings of love and attachment that a new relationship can provide.

When we jump into a new relationship, we are relaxing ourselves from the pain and loss of the breakup. In our desperation for a new love, we often miss warning signs or just aren’t as picky when choosing a new partner. This can lead us into relationships with someone who isn’t good for us.

This also means that we are not giving time to process negative emotions, that doesn’t mean they are gone. They will be stuffed somewhere that can come back at any point of time without any warnings. 

Due to this rebound relationship majorly fails According to James Nelmodo(Relationship Expert) these types of relationships just fail within the first year only. Still, there are some odds present as well as many examples where rebound relationships upgraded as a healthy relationship. 

For example, Kim Kardashian who joined Kanye West just after her breakup from 72-day marriage. 

Final words

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