Sister wives
Sister wives

Fans are eagerly expecting for a new season of sister wives but Silence of Kody Brown’s family making it difficult to wait. The last season was broadcasted on TLC but still, there is no announcement from Television Network. Also, No information coming out from Christine or her daughter as they post on;y new workplace promo stuff on social media.

As you know that Robyn lost his memory that washes out all of his keyboard skills and singing ability. Janelle and Kody celebrate er daughter’s Maddie Brown Bush’s, newborn baby. Being a fan silence looks like they are disappeared from the planet. I am still amuzed by the news that Katy Perry is planning kids and here comes another thrilling news from my favorite tv show. 

Is There Any Official announcement for New Season?

Frankly saying No, But all those who have seen last season knows that at the end of season. It is told that Kody has great plans for developing a giant house. If you are a sister wives fan than you are aware that all of his four wives hate the idea of living under one roof. 

Some sources also reported that the production house has purchased some property in flagstaff. If you are thinking that flagstaff is going to be a new location. It seems hard as the property is not developed yet. 

Still, there are chances left as a property has been sold off (Las Vegas House) indicating that finance is generated. That means money can be used to construct new one sooner fans hope that some announcement is going to be made sooner regarding Sister Wives.

As we all know that TLC never made any comment or announcement regarding the show. Fans are positive after Maria Brown spread the news of Sister wives’ crew is roaming in Chicago. Another media house also brings out the news saying that family was on the Disney land trip later this year.

A hint was given when a reporter ask Gwendlyn Brown Are you guys doing another season? The country wants to know please say something about that. 

To answer this Gwenlyn said she’s not clear on what she is and isn’t allowed to say, but she did also drop a hint leaning toward a “yes.”  

Something is Hapenning

Several Hollywood gossip platforms or you can say news platform including Radar Online, Hollywood Gossip is roaming around flagstaff in search of the latest news. A portal named Radar Online shared that “Robyn rented a massive 5-6 bedroom home when the family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona.” But, they added that the home was since sold in August. So, it’s not clear where Robyn’s living right now. 

Well fans himself reporting that Trucks are continuously hanging out Flagstaff property. Many of them believed that Trucks contains Robyn’s belonging. There is also possibility of film crew is moving on. If it is a film crew of TLC than speculations can be confirmed as new season is going to roll out for sure. 

Final words

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