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50 Short Haircut and Hairstyles for Men

Do you know what is the greatest aesthetic advantage women have over men? They have many ways of changing their appearance and we basically have only one, our hairstyles.

Isn’t that right? Women can put on makeup, which there are a million ways to do it, lashes, bigger lips, and endless things. So we can’t be boring and stay with the same haircut forever.

It is great to change things up and get some haircut ideas to keep you looking fresh and up to the new trends.

The Year of a Short Haircut?

I have seen a lot of influences on Instagram doing new hairstyles and most of them are opting for a short haircut.

For a long time, the pompadour and quiff were the go-to for the top men’s influencers. The long and full hairstyle does look more glamorous, but even this hairstyle can get boring.

Did you see Mariano DiVaio’s new haircut? One of the main features that got him so popular was his perfect pompadour, and he cut it. We have no excuse not to try something new.short hairstyles for men


Getting a New Hairstyle

We are all guilty of staying in the comfort zone when it comes to changing our hairstyle. But changing a hairstyle is not as difficult as we may think.

You don’t have to let your hair grow for a year or go to a super luxury salon to get a trendy hairstyle.

In fact, I am pretty sure you can create many hairstyles with the same haircut, like this example here.


You see? If you already have a short haircut you can still do multiple hairstyles with it.

Tips to Remember

  • Invest in some good products that won’t damage your hair or make it look greasy. Here are the ones I suggest:



  • If you want to make your hair straight, you can do a Brazilian keratin blowout. I pretty much do it once a month and it’s very easy.
  • Having a short haircut doesn’t mean that you have to wait one whole month until its ugly long. A hairstyle is all about maintenance so you should be scheduling your haircuts at least every three weeks. See some neck hair? Rush to the barber.
  • What side are you parting your hair? Believe it or not, it makes a total difference what side you part your hair. Just like with photography angle, we all have a better side, so choose yours wisely.


So with no more wait, here it is. I personally selected these short hairstyle ideas so you can use them as a guide.


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