supergirl Season 5
supergirl Season 5

Supergirl Season 5 is all set to premiere on CW next month. Now, that we are days from the season 5 premiere, CW is regularly teasing the fans with posters, video clips & more.

In fact, recently Supergirl makers teased a superhero assemble in the latest poster. Now, when it comes down to this post, here I will provide all the latest developments on Supergirl Season 5. So, let’s proceed:

Supergirl Season 5: New Poster

After reading above, you might be curious to find out about the new poster released by CW. So, without much ado, let me show you the recently released poster.

In this poster, you can clearly see the girl of steel in the front along with her friends & allies behind her. Now, see the poster closely, what do you see?

Well if you look closely, you will notice the poster’s tag “United We Stand”.

Anything else you noticed?

Nothing? Well, your observation power looks to be pretty weak. In the poster, you can clearly see the new costume of Kara Danvers aka Supergirl. As rumored earlier, Supergirl will be wearing pants along with a new cape & hairstyle.

Moreover, the poster reveals a new character- Kelly Olsen (Azie Tesfai). After debuting in the Supergirl Season 4, the character will be returning as a member of Team Supergirl.

Who else is there in the Poster?

In the latest poster, instead of the human disguise, you can clearly see Brainiac 5, Martian Manhunter in their true alien form. In addition to them, Lena Luthor, Alex Danvers, James Olsen, & Nia Nal can be seen clearly.

Supergirl Season 5 Trailer

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, makers of the show revealed the first official trailer of the show. In the trailer, you can clearly see something unexpected.

Can you guess? Well, this year, Lena Luther will not be on Supergirl’s corner. The shock created a buzz all over the internet.

And now, with the release of a new poster, the maker of the show has added more questions to the Supergirl Season 5.

Why Lena Luthor is not in Supergirl’s Corner?

Don’t tell me you forgot the marvelous ending of the show? Well, then let me break it to you. Before dying, in the Supergirl season 4 finale, Lex Luther revealed the biggest secret of Supergirl.

Any Guesses?

Well, revealed the secret identity of Supergirl. After finding out that her best friend Kara lied to her all this time, she felt betrayed.

And you can clearly see the anger of betrayal in the Season 5 trailer. What do you think Lena Luthor will turn on her best friend? Do let me know in the comments section below.

What Benoist has to Say?

In an interview to, Benoist said, “To me, that would be wishful thinking, but I always knew it was going to happen. I think part of what we are trying to do on Supergirl specifically, too, is explore relationships between women, and friendships, and sisterhoods, and how we treat each other, how we communicate that’s different between men and women. I think their relationship is singular already because they’re such close friends and you get to explore that. This is only going to make that conversation a little more complicated.”

Final Words

Now, its time for me to end the post. However, before ending, let me ask you some question.

“How did you liked the latest poster?”

“What do you think will happen in Supergirl Season 5?”

“Will Lena Luther turn on her Bestfriend”

That’s it!

Do let me know your views on these questions in the comments section given below.


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