Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift did it again! Yes her album Lover became No 1 again. This is not the first time she created the miracle sixth time that too in a row. Is it the work of Taylor Swift or fan support that made this possible. Actually these days Taylor Swift is seen as a Lady with a brave heart as not only albums but her fight for LGBT is making her image superior. 

Be steady as without mixing up let’s understand the facts accordingly starting from the album Lover. The album is great not only for its star power but video storytelling and melodious music works like magic. In single week the albums boosts up to sales that is equivalent to 867,000 albums that include 679,000 real albums sold. The mentioned sales records are as per Billboard.  

Album and Records

The sales record is the highest after Taylors’ Swift’s own album released in 2017 by the name of Reputation. This time she achieved much more than a successful album as she has become the first female artist of having six albums each having more than 500,000 album in a week. Also, Taylor Swift has become the first female artist that holds four no 1 albums. These four albums are Red, 1989, Reputation and the recent one Lover. 

What Did She Do? 

Now getting on the second thing that is LGBT community rights advocated by Taylor Swift. This all started when Swift calls Trump administration at MTV Music Video Awards to ask response on her petition. She was awarded for her Queer Anthem “You Need to Calm Down”. 

The response came in less than 24 hrs in which gay deputy press secretary Judd Deere quoted: Trump lines that  “support equal treatment for all” but doesn’t support this bill because of “poison pills”  

After these several reactions came after one another some of them are from Franklin Graham also known as Anti LBTQ and a loyal Trump supporter. He said Taylor Swift is promoting most crushing threat to religious liberty in the history for our Nation.

Madonna, Lady Gaga and many other singers are coming forward to aware the people on the LGBT issue. Swift has gone far ahead than everyone and responsible for making millions of Americans aware of the issue. 

Taylor Swift Background 

Unlike other Swift, doesn’t belong to urban or counter-culture music tradition. As previously it has been marginalized by Grand Old Party voters and politicians. She is born in Pennsylvania later moved to Nashville, till the age of 20 she became the music sensation of country. As she hiited crossovers converting her into international stardom. Currently, she is a top Popstar of the country and her acts are showing the possibility of becoming a politician or Social representative.

Final words

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