Gears 5 skin
Gears 5 skin

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned every important thing that one should know before playing Gears 5 video game. Now, I have come up again to provide the latest Gears 5 news.

Do you remember clearly what I said in the previous post? Are you one of the lucky guys who have got their hands on the latest installment of Gears of War gaming series?

Well, all thanks to the XBOX game pass, many users have got their hands on the Gears 5 video game. Now, when it comes down to this post, here I will provide some ways that can help you get Gears 5 skin for free. So, let’s proceed:

Unlock Exclusive Items

As per the makers of this game, the Gears 5 video game has a long list of a bounty of unlockable cosmetic items. So, if you love to customize your characters & weapons than soon after reading this post, you will be able to do so & that too at no cost.

So, how is it possible to do a task that takes requires a lot of premium in-game currency?

Well, one obvious way is to just keep on playing this game until you unlock some premium skins. Can’t play Gears 5 video game for long hours?

Then, there is another way for you to unlock exclusive items.

Can you make any guess? No? Hold your breath then! Well, the mysterious way is none other than Rockstar Energy Drinks. Shocked, right?

Even I got shocked when I heard about this Gears 5 update.

Now, you might be like” Joking, right!”. If you think all I said above is a lie then all I have to say is continue reading the post as soon, I will explain to you the easy process unlock the premium skins.

How to Get Rockstar Skin?

Gears 5 skin
Gears 5 skin

Well to unlock the Rockstar skin, you must drink Rockstar energy drinks as much as you can. If you are lucky then soon you will see specially marked Rockstar energy drink cans. These special cans have a special code embedded to it. You can use this code to unlock the Rockstar weapon skin that you wanted to unlock all along. Don’t think that it will be difficult to find these special cans as most of the time, you will find them on Walmart. To identify the special Rockstar energy drink can I am adding some tweets from Jeremy Conrad. You can find them below:

How to Unlock Special Terminator DLC Pack?

In case you don’t know Gears 5 video games also includes a special Terminator DLC pack. It is inspired by the upcoming Terminator movie from the franchise. The game includes T-800 & Sarah Connor’s from the Terminator: Dark Fate.

Now comes the main question, how to get these skins? Well, to get them, all you have to do is preorder & download the game before September 16. After installing the game, make sure to play the game with XBOX game pass otherwise you will lose your chance of getting these premium skins free of cost.


That’s all for now. These are some ways that allow you to get premium Gears 5 skin without spending your hard-earned money. Follow these instructions carefully & you’re good to go. Although, all the procedure is quite simple but still If you faced any problem then do let me know in the comments section given below. I will try my best to provide a solution to all your queries.


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