Why dogs eat grass

Even after feeding your dog with nutritious food, your dog might be eating grass in your lawn. There is no one particular reason if your dog is eating grass. It is a normal canine behaviour to eat grass. According to scientists, there are two different types of canine grass eating for dogs. The first type of canine grass eating is grazing and the second is instinctive behaviour. Grazing is usually when your dog is feeling happy and it continues to munching the grass of your lawn.

There might be a possibility that your dog might be eating grass if it is feeling either anxious or a bit bored. Most of the vets can even recommend for your dogs to eat grass as a means to cover up for any kind of nutritional deficiency. Although, even if you are feeding your dog with proper nutritional and healthy diets, your dog might still eat grass. It’s highly possible that your dog has started liking the taste of the grass. So, you need not worry if your dog likes to eat the grass of your lawn.

Why dogs eat grass and vomit?

The second type of canine grass eating is an instinctive behaviour. This behaviour is usually a method of dogs to induce vomiting after they feel like they have ended up swallowing something inappropriate. This instinctive behaviour might also get displayed by the dog if its stomach is upset or feeling ill.

If your dog is trying to induce vomit, it will prefer to swallow as much grass as possible in a haste. According to research, it is believed that the long and unchewed pieces of the grass help in tickling the throats of the dogs to induce vomiting. So, if your dog is feeling sick or has an upset stomach, it might end up vomiting after eating grass.

Is it OK for a dog to eat grass?

It is completely natural if your dogs like to eat grass. Your dog may have started liking the taste of the grass. But you should be careful about the quality of grass that the dog is eating. Make sure that the dog has not started eating grass from a place which is treated with different types of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Sometimes, your dog might start eating grass when it is feeling anxious or boredom.

Even your vet can suggest you add little bit grass in the dog’s diet to cover up for the nutritional deficiency. So, even if you are taking proper care of the dog’s diet, feeding it all the right things, your dog might still prefer to eat grass on some days. All you need to do is to keep a check on this habit of eating grass. Whenever you take your dog out for a walk, don’t let him chew the dirty or infected grass on the way.

Why do dogs eat grass when sick?

Why dogs eat grass

According to scientists, dogs which prefer to eat grass are not well beforehand. Almost 10 per cent of the dogs who started eating grass has been found to be feeling sick beforehand by its owners. Moreover, almost 25 per cent of the dogs end up vomiting after eating the long and unchewed grass. Majority of the studies claimes that if a dog is suffering from indigestion, intestinal worms or a deficiency in nutritional level.

For instance, a miniature poodle who started eating grass would end up vomiting every single day. After the miniature poodle was given a high-fibre diet, it completely stopped eating grass. But there have been many other cases, wherein the dogs have just started like the taste of the grass and eat it on a daily basis without vomiting.

When your dog is sick then its better to keep your dog with you most of the time. However, if you are busy enough or your dog is too naughty to sit at one place, then its a matter of concern. Most of the times, you will notice that your Dog Wraps his paw around your arm while you went to him in order to stop him from eating grass. DoggyTalent.com explains Why does my Dog Wrap his Paws around my Arm?

How can I stop my dog from eating grass?

The owner of a dog can do some things to stop the dog from developing a habit to eat grass on a daily basis. Or if your dog is ending up vomiting after eating grass, but still it is continuing to eat grass, then you must do something about it. If the dog is eating long and unchewed grass, it might vomit on the same day itself. Most dogs eat grass to cover up any kind of nutritional deficiency in the body.

This nutritional deficiency might end up making your dog weak and ill or upset the dog’s stomach. You can make a few adjustments or changes in the diet of your dog to make it stop eating grass. Approach your vet to know which food could be the best for the dog which will help in curing indigestion problem. Try to cover up the nutritional deficiency of your dog by giving diets which include vitamin, fibre, and protein. After you make these changes, there is a possibility that your dog might stop eating grass.


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